How to Set Up Comment Sections and User Mentions for Effective Task Collaboration?

Hello there!

Today, I have a question that revolves around an essential aspect of our task management process. I would greatly appreciate your insights on how to create comment sections for users within tasks and how to ensure they receive notifications when they’re mentioned.

For instance, imagine assigning a task to three individuals. How can we set it up so that these individuals are automatically notified of being tagged in this task? Furthermore, within the comment section of a task, if we write something like “This requires attention, @specificperson,” is there a way for this person to receive a notification as well?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all and gaining a clear understanding of how to implement these features effectively. Your expertise and guidance are highly valued!

Thank you in advance.


For now, there is no native user-tagin-notification system on softr. But if you move your notification logics to airtable then you can make it work as you describe.

You will also need to make sure that comments are also handled and stored in airtable and not softr, in order to work some email notification logic.