How to separate Multiple business data for a CRM SAAS

I am looking at building a subscription based CRM for a specific niche, some customers will just be sole users and others will have multiple users under one business. How would i go about setting up my databases to achieve this. Would i need to just use specific conditions on every block though out the app or am i able to juts make settings for each user that they will only ever be shown their businesses data, as it would be a massive issue if multiple users were seeing each others data.

Thanks in advance for any help I appreciate it :wink:

The short answer is Yes :slight_smile:
Softr is perfect for this

Hi @Jared.Hughes just take a look into this screenshot to check how looks a role based list in my airtable, that would provide the right same structure to set user groups in your Softr panel. Just in case, set the given column as single or multiple select type :boom: