How to Resolve Image Resize Issue When Writing in Softr's Listdetail Block by richtext

“I want to write using the listdetail block in softr, but when I write the content using the built-in editor, the images are displayed in their original size only, causing an issue. Is there a way to resize images? (It’s a problem especially on mobile where the screen gets distorted.)”

my url is [](https://my problem)

Hey @son, thanks for your message. You can change the List Details image size to fit your app by opening Image field settings Styles-> Content → Background Size. I showed it in the attached screenshot:

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thanks for answer.
but problem is not solved.

My problem is that it works fine in the wysiwyg editor, but not on the website.


Which block do you use? Is it Simple Text block?

richtext block
I had use “insert image url” in text editor