How to random sort/receive records from an Airtable table

I searched and did find posts on sorting records randomly. However it seems to me that this is not receiving random records from airtable, right? This just randomly sorts the in my case 12 records it receives. Or am I doing something wrong? (Way to random sort airtable records)

i.e. i have 500 records sorted alphabetically in airtable, i want softr to display 12 records from that table randomly. When i use the script it merely shuffles the first 12 records from that table, and disregards the other 488 records from the table…every time. Refreshing the page will reshuffle the same 12 records. I want softr to no only display the first 12 Records starting with “A” but randomly. I’m sure there must be some way and I’m guessing some sort of formula based on NOW() in airtable might be a way. Or something else?

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