How to pass logged-in user data to Landbot/chatbot

I have an embedded chatbot (In this case Landbot) and want to pass softr user logged-in user data to the landbot form so in landbot I can sync the landbot generated user ID to the softr user?

Hi @NKx2,

You could try the following to get and pass logged-in user data:


XXX - custom attributes

Let me know if this works.

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@NKx2 if you need more specific code example we would need you to share the landbod code you are using with a mock data so we can replace with Softr data and share back

thanks I am trying this now

I want to use this score meter. It should display the clicked list item’s score from the airtable field “score”. How can I pass the value of the field score of that specific record clicked?

Would be great to have a collated list of custom-attributes somewhere. Thanks.