How to manage the creation of individual Airtable Databases for each individual user


I’m working on an app to track assets and each individual user should have a database of assets created from a template I have available on Airtable. Is this doable without custom coding? For example, if I am tracking office assets, the database will have fields that they will enter and manage using the app. however, each new user should see the other databases so I would managing multiple instances of Airtable, or is this something that cannot be done?

Thank you in advance for your help!

M. Moerbeck

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Hi @moerbeck

Welcome to our community! Let’s see if I can help you here:

You’re saying that you have multiple airtable bases, and they each need to communicate with each other? For that, it’s easy to have multiple airtable bases connected to Softr. However, having them communicate with each other is harder. Normally within softr, we add the relationships that we want to work together within the same table together.

For example - if I have a table that represents a room in my office “Mail room”, then within that table, I’d have a column that includes a list of all of the office materials assigned to that room “Mail room”. That way I can easily see the associated data, and bring it into my Softr tables to display to the user.

You can however, assign user groups to your members:

For example: Team 1 and Team 2.

Then, create multiple tables (one for each team) and use the data source for instance A for team 1, and data source for instance B for team 2. You can accomplish that using our visibility settings.

Is this helpful? let me know when you can.

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Thank you for your reply and your kindness!

This is the situation. I am trying to build a Micro SaaS app that allows users to manage their projects. I feel the real question is how we can support multitenancy on Softr. I am not sure it’s possible from what I gathered, but I wanted to ask before giving up.

I have a single Airtable created with specific fields and each row represents a single project. When a User 1 logs in, they should see only their projects… When User 2 logs in… it’s a brand new account, with new projects, completely unrelated to account 1.

Ideally, once a user creates an account, I would assign them a user ID/account number and multiple users would be able to join the account, but this is overly complicated and not required for my MVP.

My MVP must be multiple users seeing their data only. Is that doable?

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Oh, why didn’t you say so? Of course :wink:

First up, I’d start with watching this video about conditional filters. It will show you how you can filter your data sources to only show the users “projects”:

Then, I’d suggest using this template (even just for education purposes). With the template, you can see how the Airtable base is structured (user roles) and even how they structured the “Projects” table.

Then from there, go to the “Projects listing” page, and you’ll see real examples of how conditional filtering is being used!

Thank you! I will take a look at it and ask for more help if needed.

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