How to Make Dynamic/Custom Filters? (Inline and/or Conditional)

This question has been explored a bit in other posts (Updrade Inline Filter, etc) but between the Forms 2.0 discussion, various questions on the community forum and 1:1 chats with support I felt it would be beneficial to start a new thread to level set current features, solutions, and spread the knowledge love across the land.

Problem Case: I’m building a simple resource/link sharing tool for my team. In my Airtable Base, I have a resource table, with all of the links everyone shares (using Softr as the interface here, both to submit resources and for resource viewing). I also have a User table, that stores usernames (auto-populated when someone signs up through softr as well as Projects, tags, and other data that is SPECIFIC TO THAT USER.

When User A shares a resource, they share it to a SPECFIC other User (user B, for example), and User B can then tag that resource to a specific project, or with custom, personally generated subject tag (meaning every user’s project/subject tags are custom and individual). Again, these tags are aggregated into a “Project” and “Tag” field in the User table, for each User.

I’m displaying these resources in an Inbox block, and want the user to be able to filter via inline and/or conditional filters.

How can I get the inline filter to show THEIR individual filter options (contained in their User record under Project/Tag), not EVERY option that has been entered into the field column? A user should be able to filter their resources by their own conditions, not everyone’s on the platform.

My understanding was that this would be a feature of Forms 2.0, and then in chatting with support, was told (and likely misunderstood) that a) that filters could be auto-populated and updated from a specific field (like a multiselect) but I’m now wondering if they meant Softr could auto populate ALL field options, not specific contents in a specific users field.


  1. Is a solution currently possible via live features/automation/customization
  2. is the above part of Forms 2.0 or another feature in pipeline
  3. if no to above, can we have it, pretty please?

Thanks all!

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Hey I’m facing the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?