How to link uploaded document to logged-in user?

I have an Airtable table to store documents provided by external users. This table is linked to my user table, which softr uses for managing logins.

I can list all documents belonging to the logged-in user in a list view. How do I enable document upload so that the uploaded document is linked to the logged-in user? Is there a tutorial how to do that?

Hey advseb, welcome!

Document upload will be done via form (form block). This block gives you the option to add or attach extra data to the form using a hidden field. You simply add a hidden field to the form, and then map the source to your linked record field. Then, as field value, you would enter ‘logged in user/email’ or record id (it depends on what you have on your user’s table main airtable field).

Then when a new file is uploaded to the ‘files’ table, you can inspect which of your users made the upload.

Thanks, that worked. I had to insert the record ID, that was the trick!