How to limit the use of a form and response by timer - OPEN AI

I have a tool which uses Chat GPT 4. I don’t want to have to pay for users using the tool too frequently and from what i can gather it’s based on time. It would be really expensive if it was just open for business.

So is there a way to say to a specific user something like ‘you need to wait x amount of min / sec, please try again after this’?

Thinking about it would be great to have the options for a user to have to be delayed and maybe a premium user has less of a delay (but maybe getting ahead of myself)



Hey James, we do not have such a native feature, but isn’t the Chat GPT 4 price based on the context size? I mean based on the number of tokens utilized in requests (per used tokens)?

yes i think they changed it from my original understanding. I would still like to understand how I could add additional code to throttle the usage as it will stop people from abusing the system.