How To Let Users Like, Save for Later, Apply for a Job, Register for an Event... with Action Buttons in Softr!

Hi guys :wave:, first time posting a tutorial vid in a while… This one shows you how to structure your Airtable base & create an action button inside your Softr app… register for events, like :heart:, save for later, apply for job… so many use cases with this one technique!!! Hope you like it, and thanks for watching!


Hello Jamie,

Thanks so much for the video, it is a cool one indeed.

Dude, so helpful! I’m new to Softr and just spent a good couple hours trying to figure out how to do this… had almost lost hope. Thank you!

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Hey @derekw ,

Glad to hear it helped you :slight_smile:

Great video and it’s clear from that how to get users to register for an event. However, it’s less clear how you get them to deregister, especially if multiple users can sign up for a given event. This requirement would prevent you from just deleting the contents of a given cell. The video shows some formula fields and contains mention of webhooks, which are never explained. Are those necessary or is there a simpler way to delete the association between one user and one event without webhooks or Airtable automations?