How to keep a user signed in after sending them through a URL

Hi There,

Bit of a weird one but I hope you can help. I have build an action button that sends a user to an advanced form (yay new feature!). Reason why I use an URL and not simply jump to page is to pass through some additional info (through the URL) that is then stored in a hidden field in the form.

I have noticed now that on the new page (which is still a SOFTR form) the header dissapeared and the system doesnt recognise the user as logged in anymore. I have used a modal to make it unnoticable but now I also need data from said user who logged in for another field of the form… what do i need to add in the URL to keep my user logged in when going to the form? Since the URL links on the action buttons is always static…


Hmm, that’s very weird @sallierie

Are you sure the user is logged in to begin with? Also, instead of sending URL paramters, maybe you just store that data on the user and grab it from the loggedin user record instead?

If this continues to fail, it’d be best to contact support so they can access your app and see what’s going on!