How to integrate Stripe Connect with Softr

I am building a multi sided marketplace where people in my apartment building can rent out their household items to each other. Kinda like AirBnB but for goods.

Stripe Connect seems to be the best option seeing as the owner sees the payment immediately, legitimising the transaction, and the website as the facilitator also gets a cut.

Spoke to Stripe support and they said I can’t set it up with no-code skills alone so I was wondering if anyone’s got tips and tools they used on getting Stripe Connect to work with Softr?

Here is the doc to do it! Kindly made by @Gabrielle


@matthieu_chateau Oh my gosh thank you for linking this Medium article. I am so glad this exists! Thank you @Gabrielle for providing this resource to us all :heart:

Does this imply some kind of a stripe registration by the user?
Is it possible to just generate a payment link?