How to implement adsense in


A month ago I was approved my first website in adsense…
The thing is that I got the error file ads.txt, I followed the steps of a tutorial and uploaded the file ads.txt to the hostinger folder but the error still keeps appearing…

Is it normal that it takes so long or have I done something wrong? If I go to the address that is supposed to see the file ( I get a blank …?¿?¿?

Can you give me a hand?

Hey @Nocodeboy,

Have you sent the ads.txt file to us for uploading it?

I am doing a few checkups, will keep you posted once having an update.

Just checked and found out that the file has not been uploaded. Can you please contact our support team via chat and send the ads.txt file? Also, please mention the domain. This should be uploaded on our end :slight_smile:

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