How to hide timestamp from calendar block?

Hi, I have a program calendar that was working beautifully until I updated the calendar block and now an old issue has resurfaced. The calendar block seems to default ALL events to “00:00” when the start/end dates don’t have a timestamp. How do I hide the time so that an event on the calendar shows up as “Training event” vs “00:00 Training event”?

Background: In Airtable, my start and end Date fields are setup to NOT include a timestamp. This is intentional as (1) some events are all-day events anyway, and (2) the program operates in multiple time zones and therefore any details about specific time and timezone are in the description field instead. e.g. the description for a training event on 25 April could be: “Training event on Tue, Apr 25 at 1pm ET. Attendance for this virtual event is mandatory.”

Many thanks!

Here’s the solution: I had the date field in Airtable set to ‘Friendly’ date format. Once that was changed to ‘Local’ date format, the timestamps disappeared and the issue was resolved.

Hey @jah,

In any case we are working on fixing this issue. I will let you know once the fix is done :slight_smile: