How to have a custom link in detail list

Hello! I would like to know how to have a different URL in each of my item’s Details List. (see the screen attached).

If it s not possible do you have some advices or any tips ??

Thank you in advance and happy new year!

Hey @seren, you can customize each of your List Details page URLs by adding SEO parameters to your data source. You will learn more about how to do it here: List Details Block Overview – Softr Help Docs Please do not forget to publish the app one more time afterwards.

We use an Airtable formula field when we need to call different URL’s depending on a condition.

The formula we use looks something like this…

IF({Company Type}="Client", "https://[your-softr-app-domain]/[list-details-page]?recordId="&RECORD_ID(), "https://[your-softr-app-domain]/[list-details-page]-"&{Company Type}&"?recordId="&RECORD_ID())

So in this example, we say "If the company type is “client”, go to this URL; otherwise, go to this other URL string, which incorporates additional details into the URL string, which matches the URL of the preferred Softr list details page we want to display.

You’ll need to replace the URL domain and list details page URL (along with your desired Airtable field names).

Hope that helps!