How to go from the button to the fill field with the category already selected?

There is a site where there are categories - directions for startups. I select a category, such as culture, and go to the form to register my startup, but the field with the category is already automatically selected and I don’t have to fill it out. Or I can select a drop-down menu and select a different category. Can you please tell me how to implement this?

Hi @esupport

  1. Have a Form block in a separate page and add prefill in the url so that for each category it is unique.
  2. Add url/text field in the table/sheet connected to your categories block and make sure that for each row/each item a unique prefilled url is copy pasted.
    For category 1 e.g.
  3. On your Categories block(e.g. List block) add action on click to open url and connect it to that url field so that for each list item when clicked on it will open its own prefilled version of form.

Let me know If anything is not clear