How to get current recordId from the url

The code below helps to get url params from javascript code

        const recordId = getUrlParam('recordId');

        function getUrlParam(name) {
            const url = new URL(window.location.href);
            let param;
            for (var key of url.searchParams.keys()) {
                if (key.toLowerCase() === name.toLowerCase()) {
                    param = url.searchParams.get(name);

            if (!param && name.toLowerCase() === 'recordid') {
                param = getRecordIdFromPath();
            return param;

        function getRecordIdFromPath() {
            let pathName = window.location.pathname;
            if (pathName.indexOf('/r/rec') !== -1) {
                pathName = pathName.substr(pathName.indexOf('/r/rec') + 3);
                if (pathName.indexOf("/") !== -1) {
                    pathName = pathName(0, pathName.indexOf('/'))
                return pathName;
            return undefined;
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Does it works with “open modal” features from a list details block ? Thanks
UPDATE : works well :white_check_mark:

Hey, I want to use the code to enable my list in softr to use the contents of the current pages recordId.
Where do I have to paste the code?

Hey @LuisaMarie,

You will need to add this to Pages (your page) > page settings > header area.

It looks like this what is wrong?

I write script befor and after the code, now I cant’t see him anymore, but it still doesn’t work :frowning: