How to get a 'Welcome Email' to fire

Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to get a welcome email to fire that is fully customisable when users created an account.

Ideally I want a way to trigger a webhook response that I can then put into make and build out a scenario (so I can then use mailchimp/send in blue transactional emails).

I can see there is a way to trigger an automation in airtable to send an email but these emails are not fully customisable and have airtable branding. How to send an automated email | Airtable Support

Has anyone found a solution to this so far?



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Hi All,

I think I have actually found a solution that will although not in real time - I can start my scenario with ‘watch records’ and get it to scan for any new users in a certain time frame (although yet to build and test).

I also found this video that looks like it might work but it involves having the paid version of airtable which could be another solution if watched records isn’t good enough - Trigger Integromat Scenario Instantly with Any Airtable change - YouTube

I am yet to fully test either but in case it is useful to anyone else.

Hi @Anna - glad to hear you found something that might work!

Here’s another possibility that sounds closer to what you were ideally hoping for. It’s not perfect though!

In Make, you can create a custom webhook that, when triggered, sends an email that you have complete control over.

From a Softr custom code block, you can trigger this webhook with code similar to:

fetch('', {
    method: 'POST',
    body: ''

There are a couple of challenges I can think of with this approach, and there are probably more I haven’t thought of:

  • You’ll need to have a way to know when to run that script, and to keep track of the fact that you have run it so you don’t run it a second time.
  • Since you are calling a webhook from JavaScript, there is the risk that your webhook URL could get spammed.

I can think of some possibilities for addressing each of these, but I don’t have anything iron-clad. Let me know if this approach seems to you like it’s worth pursuing.

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Hi @Anna and @dcoletta ,

Great discussion - I am currently also using the Make approach:

  1. Watch new records in the Users table (synced with Softr)
  2. Generate a Magic Link for the new user through Softr API
  3. Send the Welcome email through SendGrid incl. the newly generated Magic Link so the user will be logged in by default

Having said this, the scenario is currently only triggered once an hour as every trigger counts towards my Make Operations. I’d love for it to be more instant (e.g. within 5 min) without having to trigger the scenario every 5 minutes.

Definitely going to explore the Airtable-Make integration, and liking @dcoletta’s idea of the custom code block to trigger the Webhook too.

I have just improved the scenario by using an Airtable automation script + Webhook that instantly triggers the Welcome Email:

In addition to the improved user experience, this also costs less operations in Make. Thanks for the tip, @Anna and @dcoletta !


Oh interesting, is that from the Youtube video I posted? I take it you have paid for airtable to get the script functionality? I am yet to try it but still deciding on the best outcome so any extra information is welcome :slight_smile:

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Yep, thanks for the video! I adjusted the script slightly, but the principle is the same.

On an Airtable Pro plan indeed, but looks as though you do get up to 100 automations/month in the Free plan too: Airtable Pricing | Compare Plans, Features & Costs

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