How to create a subnav?

I’m creating a class action lawsuit management platform where end-users are legal professionals working for the plaintiffs. I’m trying to create a UI layout with 2x navs, a primary and secondary (see image).

Softr provides ‘header’ elements which make for great navs, but I’m struggling to successfully use 2x headers on a single page. Anyone have success doing something like this? thank you!

Hi @TFOfficer you can do it with two headers in different position, I choose this kind of layout, with menu… but it can be done with another one

Indeed, as @raul_lopez mentioned, both header blocks can be used at the same time as the horizontal and vertical nav bars.

Thank you @raul_lopez and @Marine.Hovhannisyan for getting back to me. I can see how two headers works in your example, @raul_lopez, but my goal is something different. From what I can tell, you can only use two headers where the left justified nav is “primary” and the top justified nav is “secondary”, like this:

Please let me know if I’m wrong. Thank you!

Hi @TFOfficer yes it works the first one, but the question is… is it so important for you like to get the “Header 2” with that kind of UI??

With headers I think that you can play a lot, I send you an image with 3 navs at the same time…but to sum up agreed that the image that you get is that says “This works”

@raul_lopez Thanks again. Here is more explanation of my use-case:

I’m pretty sure this ^ doesn’t work, but wanted to confirm. Thanks again for getting back to me.

HI @TFOfficer , not able to get “Page 2” as you show, unless someone gives you some custom code to change the sizes…