How to create a single, universal login and password for all users

I’ve created a directory app for private fellowship with confidentiality practices. I need to ensure that I only fellows can have access, but it’s silly to have everyone create their own username and password when that’s not a needed feature. All people are doing is looking at data and submitting a form to add data. (An Airtable form would be fine–they don’t need any other editing access on Softr.)

What’s the easiest way to create a single, universal login and password?

Thank you!

Hi @jackiekerzner, you can generate Magic links for them so that your app users can press on it and log in to Softr.

Thank you for the fast response, @Marine.Hovhannisyan!

The challenge is that I don’t want to be managing users. I don’t want to have any varying user names, user emails, or user accounts for 1000 people (and counting). I just want to password protect the app so that I can give all 1500 people the same login and password, and so that no one else can access the site.

Would it make sense for me to simply make 1 user name with a fake name and fake email and password, and give that to everyone?

If that would work, would the app shut down from traffic if lots of people logged in at the same time?

Would it work if I only had one user

@Marine.Hovhannisyan If I create a single generic gmail account with a fake name that has a magic link, can I give that magic link to 1000+people in the community? Will there be any issues with the Softr site being slow or having bandwidth issues if multiple people are using that same link simultaneously?

Thank you!

Hi @jackiekerzner, indeed, you can have 1 name and email, create an account using it, set up a password for it and share it with all your 1000+ users. Here, there is no limitation from our side and you should not face any app slowness with different people using the same log-in credential.

Please let us know if you face any issues.