How to Build a No-Code eCommerce Store Using Softr & Stripe (with Cart & Checkout)

Stripe payment links are very handy, but a little bit tedious if you have more than a few products. I built out a test ecommerce store in Softr, and through trial and error have come up with a no-code way to build dynamic, automatic payment links i.e. paste all your product info into Airtable, and bypass the need to manually create products in Stripe. I got a bit inspired and ended up building out a fully functioning no-code ecommerce store in Softr, complete with cart and checkout functionality, tool a while but I got there! I made a tutorial about it so might save some people some time! As always, let me know what you think!

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I watched this over the weekend. Brilliant work!


Has there been any further development with strip/softr since this video?

I stumbled upon your post about building a no-code eCommerce store using Softr and Stripe. I totally agree that Stripe payment links can be a bit tedious, especially with multiple products. Your solution of using Airtable to automatically generate payment links sounds awesome! It’s great that you took the time to build a fully functional eCommerce store in Softr. I’d love to check out your tutorial and see how it can save time for others.
Regarding any updates on Stripe and Softr, I’m not sure since I’m new to this forum and still hunting for similar information. However, I recently discovered a useful resource for Magento migration, which might come in handy if you’re working with eCommerce. You can find it at It’s always exciting to discover new tools and techniques that can streamline our work.