How to build a featured list of items similar to a "featured products" section on many ecommerce sites

Hi! I’ve built a directory of resources for Product Management related information. I’d like to highlight 3 different, random resources each day on the homepage under a “Feature resources of the day” section. Has anyone been able to achieve this or something similar?

Hi @jhigh15
Since we have already discussed this case via chat, I’m leaving the response for the other community members :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is what I would personally do:

  1. I would create a new Date field in Airtable setting up a specific date for every 3 records that you would like to show every day
  2. I would Sort the Airtable new view in a way that it has a condition for the date to be within a set number of days or today. That way you do not need to edit the filter.
  3. Then I would create a new view in Airtable and link it to the Features of today block in Softr
  4. Thus every day the records will be updated


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I like @Viktoria’s suggestion and here’s another one that you could try if you are up for creating an Airtable automation.

  1. In Airtable, create a field in your table called “Random Number”
  2. In Airtable, create an automation that runs on a schedule (every night) and runs through all the records in the table, generating a random number and filling it into the “Random Number” field of each record.
  3. In Softr, create a list block that sorts by the “Random Number” field and has a limit of 3 records.

If you have the level of Airtable subscription that allows scripting in your automations, let me know and I’ll see if I can whip up that script.

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