[How to automatically match the member and company together in an onboarding website ]

Hello everyone

in an onboarding website for a company and member such that the company invites the member via mail the link to sign up

how do i make it such that the link the member will receive to sign up will automatically match the member and company together such that the company is automatically attached to the member to aid the goal of being an onboarding website for specific company and member

i hope this is clear

One way would be to have a url parameter in the url which is sent to members, then add the parameter value as hidden field into the signup form. Customizable Form - Softr Docs

okay can you expatiate more

kindly explain please. really need solution to this

Where did you get stuck with the tutorial that Artur sent?

Well the major reason why it seems not clear is because this isn’t for just a single company but multiple company signing up to have their employee onboard.
so i need a workaround such that after a company sign up, members invited upon sign up can be automatically matched to its specific company…

i hope you get me now

Ok one step at a time. First, do you have questions about Artur’s suggestion, or is it clear how that would get the company name into the form page?

If that much is clear then I would suggest just getting that much to work, then we can tackle the issue of storing the company name in airtable from the form.

well to be candid Arthur’s suggestion actually isn’t clear to me in how to go about it, perhaps you can assist with that

OK! Well, I’m not 100% I understand it either, but what I think he’s saying is this. Say you have a new user and you want to send them a magic link so they can log in. What you can do is make the magic link in the users tab of the studio, then append ?company=mycorp to that URL before you send it to your new user. This can be done manually to start out, with an eye toward automating it later. Then, when the user navigates to that link, you will need a form on that page which reads the company off the URL and puts it into a hidden field using the tutorial that Artur linked to. If you don’t want to use the main page for this, you can use the next-page technique that is documented here to get the new user onto a different page that has the form on it.

I would suggest trying to get this much to work, then once you have a form that can be submitted with the company name as a hidden field, we can do the next part, which is to match that up with a linked field in the company table in Airtable.

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