How to auto-show list filter selections/params in URL?

Softr experts all have unaffordable minimums + founder hasn’t responded yet. Happy to pay anyone who can please refer devs/provide ability to see search list filters/param selections in URL (so user can bookmark to web browser/account):

  1. The doc on manually entering/generating list filter URL does not work as:

A) my field names and values must have a slash in them in Airtable/user-facing view (i.e. Primary/Secondary Role or Developer/Engineer), which apparently breaks the URL (i.e. spaces are accounted for as %20), and

B) too many possible combinations of multiple, multi-select options [X] 10 field filters to somehow account for, to possibly know what the user would select/not select during just one of their sessions, [X] each user would be selecting/search for something different.

  1. Not as time-sensitive: If there’s a way to save URL/search filter to account instead of bookmarking to web browser, would appreciate help w/ that too please.

Re-selecting options for ~10 search filters every session is extremely bad UX, users would never return. Idk if there’s a DM feature here, but if you can help soon for pay, please LMK, thanks!