How to add visual transition effects?

Hello everyone!

I am working on the development of a new tool, and I want to make the website directly with for easy management.

I have a question:
Is there any way to apply transition effects/animations between objects or when scrolling down/up? CSS effects

Is there any example so I can see the structure and learn how to apply it to my project?

Thanks for your help.
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Hey @RafaPG,

Can you please mention on which block do you want to apply those effects?

Thanks in advance.

sorry for the delay.

I am used to work with Carrd another no code platform for quick landing.

Among its functions are the transitions in the container/image blocks when you scroll.

These effects give a bit of dynamism to the web.
Is it possible to implement these effects?
Effects Scroll

Hey @RafaPG,

Thanks for the screenshot, I will add this as a feature request :slight_smile: