How show results after automation created record in airtable? Please help

I have small issue and I’m trying to solve it last a few days. I can not find any idea. Maybe you can suggest something.

  1. User click action button (NOT FORM submit)
  2. It open subpage with form embed I pass ID user. It is opened in modal.
  3. After form is filled, user click SEND and I’m making redirect to subpage in softr /your-order
  4. is making automations. It take 5-10 seconds depends of form.
  5. I wish to show on /your-order subpage created order. It works nice.

What is problem? These 5-10 seconds. I have not idea how to make preloader with info “Your order is creating” and show list-detail block when record will be created.

Some info:

  • I have ID of my form and I can wait until this record will apear. Fillform have submission ID and I can get this ID when user is click SEND. I can get it and send via WH to airtable.
  • I have ID of user

How to check when record will be ready?
I tried to find idea but all are not working :frowning:
I don’t want to make refresh website after 1 second. It can take 5 second, maybe 10.
It will be not normal for user when website will refresh and refresh many times.

Please write your suggestion. Any ideas needed.

Thank you.