How long a delay to expect from editing sheet to data appearing?

I’m noticing that an edit to a sheet doesn’t appear immediately in a refresh of a page that’s displaying data from that sheet.

Can you provide some guidance about how long we should expect the propagation to take? Are you polling the spreadsheet for changes? If so, what’s the polling interval? Or, are you receiving web hooks from Google and processing them on an interval?

@dcoletta if you edit the sheet directly or outside Softr, google will be sending us a notification about it and we would pull the fresh data. It can take 1-3 mins.

I noticed that slight delay too. Thanks for confirming @artur .

On a related note, from a front-end point of view, would loading of lists data for a user be any slower if using Gsheets as a data source compared to Airtable? Or should it be the same?

Experiencing this issue as well. I set up a make scenario that deletes rows in google sheets and the row was still visible in the live site for 3-5 minutes even though the row was empty.

Any idea on how to get this delay shorter?

If I really needed to solve this, I would not look to an approach of shortening the delay between row deletion in Google sheets and Softr picking up that change.

The underlying problem here is that, best as I can tell, the design of the Google Sheets integration is really focused more on displaying data from a Google Sheet, and not so much on using Google Sheets as a drop-in replacement for Airtable.

So I think the only approach that has a chance of working is to come up with a hack to hide the to-be-deleted record until Softr picks up the change from Google Sheets.

I do not have any ideas jumping out at me for how to do that, but I’m going to give it some thought.

@hdaly can you please post more details about the make scenario you have? How do you trigger it and what do you pass it and how does it delete the rows? That’ll help me set it up so I can play around with ideas for how to hide records that are pending deletion.

Hi David - Appreciate you following up. The make scenario is a simple webhook/form trigger connected to a google sheet “delete row” scenario.

Hiding is a good thought for delete, however, the delay also happens for creation of a row by the user. Spoke with softr and it seems like google is the delay as they take awhile sending to softr (around 3 minutes).

Don’t think there is a solution through Make but trying to see if there could be one with custom code. Doubtful but we’ll see.

Was very excited to solve the data limitations of airtable since google sheets has a 10 million cell limit but it seems like we are far off from fixing latency issues. I was told it will be awhile.

I haven’t come across anything that doesn’t experience a delay with Sheets updates. I use app script to trigger changes where possible.