How does Softr behave when modifying Airtable field names

Hi all,

My Softr app is connected to some Airtabel fields and I was wondering how this connexion works.

I know that in case I change the Airtable field name, the connexion will break. But what if I then create a new field with the former name of the first field ? Will my Softr app automatically detect and connect with this new field since the naming matches ?

Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:

Hey @guillaume.duv currently as you mentioned works with names (we started with this as that was the main way from Airtable back in the days) so as long as you add another column with the same name the system will pick it up seamlessly.


@artur how much work is it to change this so that the link can be persistent even if you change the name in airtable. i have LOTS of work if i want to change the name of a column in airtable because i need to re-link it in multiple places in softr. this would really be much better.

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