How do you validate incoming email addresses?

On some templates (ex job listings), there’s a template that lets users enter their email address and it automatically gets sent to you. Is there a way to make sure the user’s email address is valid? It seems like the only check in place is whether there is an “@” character.

You can do this process in Airtable with the extension “email validator” (see screenshot)

The idea would to use an Airtable automation, with the script of the email validator extension, each time a new user is created.
Then this automation would delete any user record with an invalid email. (“If this then that” logic)

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What about the softr form that validates this? Would I create via customisable forms?

Softr forms can validate it if there is or not a “@” or a “.com or .co or .whatever”, wihtin a mandatory email field.

Hi Matthieu, thanks for getting back to me. Just to confirm, the validator just validates that the email address is in the correct text format, right? Users can enter fake email addresses that still include “@” or “.com” and the validator won’t flag it?

Yes, exactly.

If you want to check if an email is not fake, you will need to use + third party tool like Usebouncer, so that any email would be checked by this third party tool before entering your Airtable.

Sounds like what your looking for is email verification, rather than validation. What do you think about this?