How do I print?

I think I am missing something as I can’t find references as to how I print from Softr?

Hi, do you mean that you want to print block data? Can you please share a bit more details?

Hi Marine

Yes’ish. I’ve set up a page with a list block showing the details of a record, and then two ‘list with vertical cards’ blocks which show the sub-records from a linked table. It opens in a modal pop-up and it looks good though it is about two screens long, so you scroll to read it all. What I’d like to do is give the user the option to print out (or create a PDF of) the contents of the modal looking like it does on the screen.

If I try to print it from the web browser it adds its own headers and footers and only prints the first half of the page.

One answer appears to be Documint, linked to both Softr and Airtable?

Hey @Lypiatt,

Yes, a possible option will be using Documint, you can find more details on how to setup here> Softr - Help Center

There is also a thread with some custom code, you can check it as well and see if it works, if you have questions regarding the code you can ask within the thread.