How do i ensure the logged in user sees the output without having to enter there email again

My website idea has a form in it which the signed in user fills out. Based on whatever they enter in the form, the page goes to an output page and there is an answer. It uses ChatGPT to derive the output.

Right now, the user has to enter their email again when they fill in the form so that only they see their specific output based on the results on the airtable.

How can I make it so that this happens without the need for duplicate email entering? Below is the conditional formatting I have so that the results are just showing the users.

It’s not UX friendly - I want it so that the user only see their results without the need to enter their email again. Even if it was automatically adding in the email in the form would be better than what it is now, but ideally, they don’t have to.

Any help would be great!


With Softr forms you can use hidden fields and insert the loggedin user email in this hidden field so that the user never has to do this.
Would that help you? Or did I misunderstand your inquiry? :thinking:


That worked like a charm. Thanks so much! @matthieu_chateau