How could I achieve this with an image field

Imagine i have 2 tables, tasks and companies (I’m simplifying). Every task is linked to one company

When adding a task I complete an “owned by” field as either A)“Client” or B)“Manager” . When I list the tasks I want to be able to show an image based on that field as follows:

If it is B (Manager) it shows a standard icon for everyone. If it is B it shows the image from the “Client Logo” field of the corresponding company record.

I thought I would be able to do this with a formula field. I have a “assigned image” field with the following value:

IF(Assigned = “Client”,{Client logo (from Client)},“”)

I thought this would get me most of the way there, either showing the client logo or nothing. However the resulting field cannot be rendered as an image by softr. It just returns a text value such as “download.png (”

Any ideas?