How can we display linked field data for a particular user

HI guys, I build online course portal for students, and I want to show every student whether his lecture’s assignment has been accepted/finished.

The algorithm is following:

  1. I see applied link for applied assignment in Airtable
  2. I open the form and provide feedback for this particular assignment
  3. I have a “Status” formula field which changes to “Completed” if my feedback to the assignment has been accomplished.
  4. I want to show this Status message for each student in List block section.

In Airtable, there is a Lectures table, which also linked to applied assignment table, which in turn linked to Provided feedback table. So each lecture has a link to whether applied assignment was tagged as ‘Complete’.

The Status field in Lectures list block for each student should a dynamic field, personal for each student based on Student record id. AT this moment List block pulls data as Array, including all existing statuses for this particular Lecture from all of students.

Does anyone applied this? Please see the attachment screenshots.

Thanks )

This how Airtable looks like

I think you may want to reference the data in Airtable differently.
Rather than use the Lecture table, perhaps use the Students table (you mention having Student record ID). Then reference (each) lecture by student, with the corresponding status of that lecture/feedback.

Hi as far as I understand each user might have several Lectures and thus different Status might be applied for each assignment.

To be honest, I personally never had a settings where each lookup field’s value would be shown for the corresponding linked user. Therefore let me share some details on how I would set up Softr to achieve a similar result.

Here is what I would personally do if you would like to show the status of each assignment for each user:
Option 1
I would create lookup fields of lecture in the Assignment table and instead of connected the List block to the Lectures table, I would connect it to Assignment table but I would show the Lectures information with the help of Lookup fields. As a result each user would see the assignments, lectures related to them and the status field would be unique for each item.

Option 2
I would connect the Softr List block to the Lectures table (without showing the status field). If you want to show only the lectures that are related to the logged-in user, feel free to use the conditional filter.
Then I would set up a List details block for the lectures on another page and would add a List block on that page. The List block should be connected to the Assignment tables and with the help of conditional filter it will show only the assignments that are related to that Lectures. Thus the status will be shown specifically for each assignment and user.
Here are the links to a help doc and tutorial related to this use-case.

Hope it makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI Mark, thanks for you assistance.

I think it won’t work cause the main idea of the block is to show list of all lectures, and this must be linked to lectures table.

Hi Viktoria,

Thanks for your support. Here’re my thoughts on your options.

Option 1.

It could have worked but the assignments table might have many records linked to the same lecture cause this table collects all applied lecture project from all students. It means that the list block might have duplicated lectures in it, I think it a bit hard to make this solution working dynamically.

Option 2. I made similar, created a list table with statuses of applied assignments linked to this particular student. I attached the screenshot.

Thanks for your response

  1. To be honest, I need to see how Airtable is set up to be able to advise more on this. Though, could you please advise if there is a chance you have an Airtable with all the lectures and assignments separately. I mean all the possible combinations of lectures and assignments?

  2. So the second option works for you, right? :slightly_smiling_face: