How can I have my embedded Softr table block editable on Coda?

Hi all,

I created a table for my users to be able to edit records on my table block. For my use case, I need this embedded on my Coda site. It’s really nice as they can be using an existing tool for reference but update records as the go along. Anyways, you can see the table, and you can add a record. But the edit record does not appear! Are there any solutions to this? Do I need a different block? I really don’t want to have to set up a details page or second step, as at that point Ill just have them go straight on the softr app. Thanks!

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Hi @SoftrUser44 Rachel,

Love to see something like this happening. Unfortunately anytime you need to edit, that’s only available for logged in users :pensive:

Do you mean logged in users on the actual Softr app? On the embed frame, you get the sign in prompt. In the iframe you can login and view the app, but the edit record doesn’t appear :frowning:

Oh, yes! if you can login via the Iframe, then you should be able to edit the record as well. Can you push this to support as it seems like it’s a bug at this point?

Thank you! Yes I did, I have not heard a response yet but I will update this thread. I feel that if add a record is an option, so should edit :slight_smile:

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Oh, ok. I agree with you. It’s gotta be something abou your configuration, if not a bug. Best for support to help you tackle. If this is still outstanding, let me know and I’ll flag it for support.

Thank you! Support has responded, but I’m still unclear on the configuration/ instructions. Seems there is a logistical step with the sign in page and the where the data is? Also if this needs to be a page embed or block embed. Hopefully a response soon! I need help with this straight away so I can start using this for my team!

You’re in good hands then. I personally believe this would need to be a page embed, but support would know better.

No resolutions so far :frowning: Does anyone else have experiencing embedding a table block or page that can show the edit record button as well?

And you’re embedding as an Iframe?

Do not embed just the block. Try this:

Embed the whole softr page.

Setup an authentication softr form on the same page you have the table block.

Add a rule to redirect these logged in users, or user group to your table page.

Add a visibility rule to hide the login form from logged in users.

Test, and let us know.

Hey thank you for this!

By an authentication softr form, do you mean the sign in block? And change the page rule to direct to the page with the table?

Also I have two pages, with two different table blocks with an edit button feature. I was hoping to have them embed home page with two buttons and the user can pick which table the need to edit. Is this possible still?

Unfortunately this didn’t work. I can see my table block, but the edit button is not visible (in the page embed)