How can I create a custom URL?


I am trying to find this but I am not able to do it. I would like to create custom URL pages where I can add slugs or variable data for example one ID of an item or something like this. That is an example:{name_user}

is that possible right now? thank you so much in advance.

Yes this is possible, but the recordId will always appear.
Here a doc about it:

Note that it can be automated with airtable formula

You can have / by adding it directly to the page slug in the softr studio (you will see that, by default, the studio adds a “-” , which is often not correct)

Thank you for your help. I’ll go to try.

If any problem, just re-post here, I will guide you by public answers, so anyone can take advantage of it

In order for the redirect to work, you have to switch to the SEO:Slug format of record ids, because the ? character isn’t allowed in the target of a redirect.

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I have this in a list:

and right now I would like to add a button to the user can add some blocks that I like, but I would like that it will be on the same page with visibility management. Do you know what I can do?

Has anyone found a workaround for this? Would love to be able to have clean urls without record IDs if possible.

The only workaround right now is to use the url redirects feature. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, this will only be possible if you also use the SEO:Slug field in the associated table.

just came across this, I am inspired to take a punt at this. Thanks :slight_smile: