How can I allow users to set their own URL slug?

My app allows users to create a custom profile. That profile is then view-able in dedicated list details pages.

How can I allow those users to create their own URL slug for their profile?

It’s even fine if this is just a redirect.

Hey @nikfry Thanks a lot for the details, are your users manually signing up using the sign up block? if yes, what about you add a special field asking for the Slug? after you receive their choices on a field you can then try to create a formula field on Airtable and append the field name of the Slug, it will grab each user’s choice and will generate a special Slug for them.

How would that slug turn into a dedicated URL?

Currently, list-details pages require a recID at the end to show the right record. That looks somethig like:

As i understand the request, we would want to hide the end ‘recordId=recxXLXjhPuOzAVwn’ to instead replace with something like ‘JohnDoe’ so the url becomes

Hey @flavi Thanks for your details, When setting up Slugs on Softr we can not get rid of the record ID in the URL at the moment, In this document there is a step by step walkthrough on how to set Slugs for dynamic pages that contain list detail blocks.
However I believe the initial request was more about how users can decide their own Slugs.

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