How best to match a search query to a number range

I’m trying to make an app where users should be able to search for a price from different vendors.
All the vendors have different price ranges. Fx $50-100.

I don’t think Airtable does very well with ranges. I have an idea to maybe use a script block in Airtable and to generate all the individual numbers in the price range and then let the user search on that.

Or does anyone know of any other good way?

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Hi @kPT

Maybe try something like this? Create separate fields for “Minimum Price” and “Maximum Price” for each vendor and link these to the product records

This structure enables precise and flexible filtering on the frontend, allowing users to search within specific price ranges by adjusting filters in Softr based on the defined minimum and maximum price fields for each vendor.

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I’m kind of getting your idea, but trying to wrap my head around how it will work with the front end as far I can see you only search values is matching string values from different fields or make select from a dropdown?

Yeah, identifying what your ranges are in Airtable via a tagging mechanism (using formulas in Airtable) and then use those tags in Softr to filter accordingly (using the tags) that are really ranges.