Hover background color filter glitch

Hover background color does not disappear when a filter is tapped again in the mobile view of an inbox block. In other words, when you tap a filter again to get rid of it, the filter works but the hover color remains.

@Ben can you pls share some visuals ? would help us massively.

It occurs at least with a preview version on Android. From my phone

Before tapping List filter:

After tapping List filter:

Tapping again to deselect List filter:

Hey @Ben,

We will need to do a few checkups on our end.

Will keep you posted once having an update.

Apparently not much progress on this. Still having the same deselect highlight issue on an inline filter for the inbox block in mobile view. Works in preview mode, but not from an Android phone using a sharable link.

Found the same issue with ‘List with horizontal cards and visible button’ block as well. The inline filter tag appears to work fine in preview mode on a desktop, but stays highlighted when it is re-tapped using a shared link version of the app on a mobile phone. Until this is fixed, mobile users can’t distinguish between which filters they’ve tapped.

Hey @Ben,

The task is Ready for live. We have been working on this.

I will keep you posted once it is fixed.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hey @Ben,

This issue should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Suzie, but I just updated a ‘List with small cards’ block with filter tags and the same issue is still there as if nothing has changed. Tested with both iPhone and Android. Has anyone else noticed this from a phone?

Hey @Ben,

Will make sure to check this once again and will keep you posted.

Hey @Ben,

Just wanted to let you know that this issue has been fixed.

Please, hard reload and double check.

Nothing has changed. I’ll try the studio help chat, now that I’m a business user. Thanks for trying Suzie.

Hey @Ben,

Do you still face this issue? It’s strange that you still face it.

One thing I didn’t mention in this thread is the values come from a formula output, rather than a drop-down. Not sure if this matters.