Horizontal Tablet Mode squishes logo and app name when loading app

Is it just me, or does anyone else have this issue when loading their app? Only happens when loading in horizontal mode; looks fine when the iPad is vertical.

Hey @beauboeye, can you please share a short video recording showing how you see your app when loading your app in a horizontal mode on your device? Also, please let us know yoru app URL and which device you are referring to.

Happened to me too. I don’t have my iPad with me now, otherwise I’d record a video.

@Marine.Hovhannisyan - AI isn’t quite there yet to play you the video that’s playing in my head right now… But here’s what I did…

I enabled PWA on my client site and sent them the link.
Click the link on the iPad in Safari - and it walks you through saving the link as a desktop icon.

Click the icon with the iPad in Landscape mode (sideways) and the icon is stretched out as per the image that the OP posted.

Here’s a short video: Softr_BTD_Load_Issue.mp4 - Google Drive

The link to my app is btd.softr.app
Thank you!

@beauboeye and @Bryan thanks for the video recording and a detailed explanation of the situation. I passed it to our tech team to check. Will keep you updated on the news.