Hiding forms conditionally / Airtable records

Hi all!

Pretty new here at Softr. I decided to use the platform to build a mvp for a personal project.

As I’m going, i’m wondering if I have any ways to hide (or not display) forms just like lists? (or any way to use buttons to send data to an airtable table)

For example: If the user does not have an record for an specific airtable column, the form should not be displayed (and vice-versa).

Also, regarding airtable… I’ve been trying to update a record (or reinsert) value into a Status column, it always says that I can’t submit the value because the field is computed. What does this means exactly? I can’t change my order status from different users as I order/aprove/await? There is any workaround this?

I’m sorry if I’ve maybe been unclear, thanks!

Yes this is possible with user groups in the app settings.
For your use case: you will create a user group called “Have record for {Airtable table}”
Then you will select “loggedin user” then the field in the users table that you are interested in. Then click “is not empty”.

Note that if the specific field in Airtable is not in your users table = no problem.
Create a “link to an other record” field in your users table and that’s it. You will be able to reference this field in the user groups settings, as mentioned above.

Once all this is done, go to the visibility conditions of your form block. Check the loggedin user option and then check the specific user group.

If you want to display a cta block or an other form for the users that have this empty field (better for user experience), you will need to create the opposite user group, which means you will replace the condition by “is empty”.
You will apply that user group to the visibility condition of your CTA block (o other form or whatever you think it’s the best for the user experience, for your specific use case)

A computed field means that it is a lookup field linked to a “link to an other record” field or rollup field or a formula field.
For rollup anf formula, nothing you can do: those fields are scripted to do a specific thing.
For lookup fields = a way to make it work would be to reference the value you enter in the form to the “link to an other record” field, and not its lookup fields.