Hide Full Name for Editing User Profile?

I’m trying to configure the user profile block and want to have users edit a number of things, but I don’t want them to edit their name. Is there any way to hide this element?

Alternatively, is there a better block or way of allowing edits to profile information I’m storing in Airtable? It’s around 15 items I want to let people modify.

Why don’t you want users to be able to edit their name? What is a user expected to do when their name changes?

(Obligatory reference to Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names, item #7.)

I was thinking more along the lines of having a separate page entirely for changing just name/password. So basically splitting information that is more likely to change (address, phone, occupation) from information that is less likely to change. Just to prevent accidental changes.

Perhaps better approach would be if we enable it in the block via toggle to enable or disable the editing of name field. I will talk to team members…

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@artur this would be very much appreciated, my use-case is I am verifying the name is a real person before letting them in. i dont want them to change their name to anything/hide their name after I’ve already manually verified them, as that would be double verification/safety work x multiple users.

PS if you want to truly, madly, deeply geek out on the concept of names, read There Is No Such Thing as a Legal Name, which carefully explains, with footnotes, that the idea of a “legal name” that applies in all contexts is a kind of shared delusion that we need to wake up from. TL;DR: most people think the function signature is getLegalName() but it’s actually getLegalName(specificLegalContext).

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