Hide empty inline filter options

I have multi-select field in Airtable for “categories” that I use as an inline filter.

I’ve pre-populated the options in Airtable to allow users to select the category of their records. Currently gathering info by Airtable form but will do through Softr later.

At this point not all categories will have a record.

In Softr how do I hide those options with no records in the inline filter dropdown on a list?

Or do I need to do something in Airtable? (there’s approx 100 options total (maybe 50 unused at this point in time) so manually dealing with them isn’t really an option).

Inline filters have limited functionality.

I suggest syncing your filters options from Airtable > Softr, switch to manual, and then delete the filter options from Softr that you don’t need at this time but want to keep in Airtable.

As you’re ready to add filter options to Softr, simply manually add them.