Hide action/edit button, but keep the rest of the page public?

Hi everyone – I’m trying to set up a site where users have their own profile page (a “list details” page) which can only be found through a direct URL (i.e. no “list” page). Each profile page has a few different blocks, and as of right now, each block has a an edit button (“action button”) so that users can edit each individual block.

Is there a way to keep the page visible to anyone (as long as they have the URL), but specifically keep the action buttons visible only to the person whose profile page it is? I.e. allowing anyone to visit, but only the “owner” to edit it.

Or would I need to create a separate page where the “owner” makes all the edits (a “user profile” page in addition to the “list details” page) – rather than keeping the edit buttons directly on the profile page?

I know I can add the conditional filter to “email is email” for each block, but that removes all visibility to anyone other than the “owner”. Is there a way to do that only for the edit button?

I’d basically like to keep the ability for the “owner” to update each block individually, if possible.


You need a Professional plan in order to perform this. This allows you to change the button visibility conditions with the right granular permission.

See screenshots below:

Ahh got it! That’s good to know - thanks for the quick response!

@matthieu_chateau Sorry, one more question if you don’t mind! It hit me that I jumped the gun here a bit – there’s a more fundamental thing I realized that I haven’t even figured out yet :sweat_smile:

I’ve added a button in the top menu of the site called “my page”, which links to the “list details” page when clicked on. Since I only want users to see their own page when they click on that, I’ve added a conditional filter for “if email is email”.

The problem with that is that when a non-signed-in user then visits the URL to a profile page, nothing shows up because of the conditional filter.

Do you know if there’s any type of solution for that? I.e. I want signed-in users to only see their own list details page, while still allowing ANY user (or at least signed-out users) to see the page if they have the direct URL for it.

Alternatively, in the top menu button of the site, is there a way to add a dynamic button that links to a URL from the database? I.e. I currently have each user’s unique profile URL in a field in the database – can I make the “my page” button at the top of the site link to that? That way I think I could make every page open to everyone who has the URL, but users are taken to their own page when they click on the link.

What you could do is having two list-details blocks, one for logged in users the other for non logged in users.

A more simple way to do it is to duplicate the page. One page for the user one page for external users.

The solution might not come from the tech side but from a design compromise side.

That’s a great idea. And that way I can also leave out the action/edit buttons from the public/duplicate version of the page, while I’m still on the free plan.

Thanks a lot!! :raised_hands:

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