Hidden fields to Make webhook


I’m trying to send {LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL} and {URL_PARAM:recordId} parameters from a custom form in my softr app directly to a webhook.

So badly, when I click “Redetermine data structure” I never receive the hidden fields structure.

I tried with a link to airtable and no problem, but with the webhook it doesn’t work.

Any advise ?

@lea can you pls DM me a test user so we can try ?

@artur thanks for your help

I shuted down the form because doesn’t work so the magic link cant help now

In theory, hidden fields (as describe in my first post) are compatible with Make webhooks ? Cant find any docs from softr specifying this ?

If you want, I could create a new form

Thanks a lot

solved with chat

Hello, how was this solved? I don’t see hidden fields populate either, when I send to a Make webhook.

Re synchronised my user database then deleted the form then re build it

Not sure it’s same for you, support is here to help

That didn’t work for me…I’ll check with chat support. Thank you for your response :grinning:

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Softr Support (Viktoria is amazing) was able to help me with my issue. Hidden fields like {URL_PARAM:recordId} do not get recognized by Make using ‘Click here to send test data’ in Softr Studio. I had to actually published my app first and send data from the live app in order for Make to recognize it.


I think it can be good idea to include a hint that some data structures is not synced with unless the app is live. I suspected there was some issue with data strucutre synchronization after some fields of mine showed on Make and others don’t when there seem to be no reason for it to be different than other fields.

Dear @ob95, thank you very much for the feedback. Sure, will let our Content Manager to update our help docs :raised_hands: