Hidden Field Help for correct Values

Need help with a couple form fields.

I have a form to add posts to a member forum. I have 2 hidden fields. On one I need the Value for the Logged-in Users Name rather than email.

On the other I would like to attach the current group’s ID from Airtable.

I would try;
For Hidden User: {LOGGED_IN_USER:NAME}
For Hidden Record ID for List Details: {URL_PARAM:recordId}

Hi Rick!

You can always pass the current userId and then link the rest

sorry, can please explain the “link the rest”

Think what he means is use {LOGGED_IN_USER:AT_RECORD_ID} in the hidden field, have this mapped to the “Linked Record” field in your relevant Airtable Table, and then use a lookup field in Airtable to pull in the users name.

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@No-Code.ie said it better :slight_smile:

Can you pass hidden fields in ‘Preview’ mode? {URL_PARAM:recordId} is not sending a linked field value to the mapped table. The form is located just under a list details block and the referring list block’s button action is also configured to this page’s location. If you can send hidden values in preview mode, any ideas why it’s not working?

There is an issue in details page when you click a button and scroll into a section below I think url param get’s lost. We are releasing a fix this week

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Sure. I assumed that a record Id would not only be passed from a linked list/button to a page, but to blocks below the list details page as well. For instance, if any buttons are added to a list block, their links should be able to pass that link list item’s record Id wherever it links to (pages, other blocks via scroll to section,…)

Ben we are fixing those, scroll to section has issues due to #sectionName being appended to the end and we are on it

@artur Will this thread be updated when that fix is released? I’m struggling to test out some webhooks since it’s passing more information along with the url parameter, so I want to make sure that I know when the fix is out there and can continue on that development path. Thanks!

I’m not sure if this helps, but there are two new hidden field types:

@bridgebuilder sure I expect it to be fixed sometime next week

Am I correct that URL parameters get passed through from list & list details blocks, but not from, for example, CTA block buttons?

If not so, would be handy to have this option in a future update of all blocks with buttons with something like this

My use-case is

  • page A with a list details block followed by a CTA block
  • CTA block has 3 buttons
  • each button links to a unique page B with a Softr form (depending on which button clicked on previous page).
  • Form should capture hidden fields for RecordID of list details block from previous page A

Alternatively, the static blocks with buttons could be made dynamic, in which case the buttons could be dynamically mapped to a field in Airtable with a URL (either devised from a formula providing desired parameters and/or static URLs unique per record.

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Is there a list of all the dynamic variable you can use?

Where do you get things like

Is there like a glossary of this?

Edit: found the answer at Custom Form - Softr Docs

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