Hidden Field - "Current Record" dosen't pull the value in the "Map to" Cell

Hi Community,

Can anybody help? Facing the issue that if I am using a hidden field with “Current Record”, the value is not transferring to the “Map to” cell within the same airtable table (e.g. value appears in column D, but via the above, does not appear in column H).

Have others encountered this and are there any workarounds? Or are there any known issues with this feature currently?

Thanks for your help!

Best, Edin.

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Hey @Edin, can you please also share a screenshot from your Airtable so that I can see the column types you used?

Hi Marine, thanks for your reply. Your colleague helped me out with the support. The issues have been writing the function manually in the field → “{LOGGED_IN_USER:FIELD:VereinEmail}” to get the value in the cell. Thanks again!