Hidden field attachment problem

Hello everyone,

I’ve configured all the necessary settings in the hidden fields, but I’ve encountered a single issue:

When a user creates a record using the “add record” button in the list block, I’ve configured multiple fields, and they are functioning correctly. However, today, I added an attachment field, set it to hidden, and mapped it to “Logo” from the logged-in user’s “logo” and when I try to create a record I have a following error:

What should I do in this case, as I now have two attachment fields?

Hi @Vlad unfortunately it is not possible to pass attachments with hidden fields currently. However, I will add that as a feature request to be improved in the future.

Hey Vlad,

I have done this before because sometimes I need to add a default avatar for new user signups. if this is the case, try to put a full image path to your hidden field, and avoid using airtable attachments URLs, (they expire every 2 hours.) Try hosting images somewhere else…Like in your softr app :wink: :wink: