Hidden date in form

hello !
how do i save the current date and time in a form without asking the user to input it?
thank you

Hey @metafred - This will need to be done on the Airtable side. On Airtable, you can set up an automation that when a new record is created it auto-stamps the time and date.

Thank you @Luay !
(I need to migrate from Google sheet to airtable then)

Then, am i able to use that timestamp as a condition in soft ? For now the conditions are c like “email equals user’s email”, etc, but it doesn’t seem that i could say something like “timestamp=today’s date”, or even “timestamp < today’s date minus 1 week”
What would be your approach to filter out entries by date?

@metafred you can create a formula field on Airtable/Google Sheet that does the calculation based on current date and sets a text label then use that as a filter.