Hi, newbie here! Would love some basic help

Hi everyone, this is Ryan from Hong Kong and I am new to the Softr world!

So the thing is, I love food and am always trying to source the best products and value from numerous suppliers. Found it hard to compare with all the sites so decided to create my own comparison site.

I’ve been playing around with Softr and using airtable as my database and am stuck at the very beginning :frowning:

So I have a main category (e.g. Beef) > sub-category (e.g Ribeye) > products (e.g. product 1/2/3 etc) setup in airtable, all different tables and linked to each other. In Softr after I created my Main category page in grid view I want the user to be able to click on the main category and see all the items in the sub-category but nothing happens.

I’ve done something as basic as for the Action button used ‘Open URL’ and linked it to my Sub-Categories table in airtable. What am I missing that nothing happens when I click on the Main Category?

Many thanks in advance!