Hi from Kansas City

Hi everyone! I’m new to learning Softr. I’ve built a few websites but nothing complex and zero automations…just static. I do have some questions on how I can get Make, AirTable, and Softr to integrate appropriately. I’m a photographer/videographer in the midwest that specializes in corporate headshots.

Look forward to getting into this community.


Hey @bryanengel, welcome to the community then :tada:

You will learn more about Airtable, Make and not only about them but also about many other features from our Help Docs, just use Search and type in your questions there.

Good luck and enjoy Softr! :heart:

Hey again @bryanengel! Glad you’ve joined :slight_smile:

On top of Marine’s suggestion, I’d also then recommend searching Make right here, in the community. It will return dozens of interesting results: Search results for 'make' - Softr Community